Estonian EU external border programme



Associated partners

University of Tartu; Center of Educational innovation; Pskov State University.

Thematic objective

TO5 Support to local and regional good governance

Start date: 11.03.2019

End date: 10.03.2021

Duration: 24 months

Specific area

Improving cooperation between local and regional authorities and their sub-units

Programme co-financing

148 286,70 EUR

Total budget

164 763 EUR


South Estonia
Pskov region

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Contact email

[email protected]

Project status

Completed (1)

CuNaHe - ER8

Improved network of formal and informal education institutes to support Cultural and Natural Heritage of the Lake Peipsi/Chudskoe-Pskovskoe region

CuNaHe project contributes to the development of neighbourly relations between border communities, educational and public institutions. Also it aims to demonstrate the importance of preserving cultural and natural richness of the Peipsi/Chudskoe region to public.

Specific objectives:

  • Improvement of neighbourly relations between border communities institutions
  • Awareness of cultural and natural heritage of the region and importance of it

Main activities:

  • Elaboration of innovative and interactive methodologies in the field of joint natural and cultural heritage and trainings for educators
  • Joint methodology development – educational programs in the field of joint natural and cultural heritage (Lake Peipsi environmental issues, cultures and languages around the lake)
  • Interactive, innovative learning:  joint programs for pupils in the field of joint natural and cultural heritage: joint research works; outdoor program, summer and winter schools. Activities help also for Estonian and Russian language learning and practices
  • Exchange of knowledge about neighbor state educational systems: study tours, meetings with other educational sector stakeholders
  • Improvement of technical possibilities to implement innovative digital learning in schools; set up of Science laboratories in schools
  • Awareness building of cultural and natural heritage of the region on a wider level: Lake Peipsi/Chudskoe heritage days.

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