Estonian EU external border programme

Emajoe Waterwork WMP


Name of Lead Beneficiary

Emajõe Waterworks Ltd_ER191

Associated partners

Kärdla Waterworks Ltd

Thematic objective

TO6 Environmental protection, climate change mitigation and adaption

Start date: 17.04.2023

End date: 16.10.2023

Duration: 6 months

Specific area

Increasing awareness of environmental protection and efficient use of energy resources

Programme co-financing

91 890,00

Total budget

102 100,00


North Estonia
South Estonia

Contact email

[email protected]

Project status

Completed (5th Call for proposals)

Emajoe Waterwork WMP - ER191

Emajõe Waterwork`s remote monitoring and control solution (SCADA) is one of the most advanced in its field.  Already achieved benefits and detailed SCADA solutions from previous project ER29 “Improving the quality of shared assets by reducing their pollution load from utility sewer systems of towns and rural areas in the programme territory” will be introduced to other water companies.

Overall objective: to improve the quality of life, ensure the sanitary and epidemiological welfare of population living on the programme territory and enhance readiness for unexpected situations.

Specific objectives:

  • to improve monitoring SCADA system  functionality through user experience and extend the monitoring system to four water treatment plants in Vinni and Mustvee municipalities;
  • to make monitoring SCADA system more handy, safer and friendlier and improve its reliability by using knowledge from results of previous project;
  • to minimize a risk for Emajõe Waterwork essential services with additional equipment.