Estonian EU external border programme

Extending BioStyrene


Name of Lead Beneficiary

University of Tartu_ER189


Tallinn University of Technology_ER189

Thematic objective

TO1 Business and SME development

Start date: 01.05.2023

End date: 31.10.2023

Duration: 6 months

Specific area

Increasing SME competitiveness and entrepreneurship by fostering cooperation between public, private and R&D sectors

Programme co-financing

99 995,45 EUR

Total budget

113 578,62 EUR


North Estonia
South Estonia

Contact email

[email protected]

Project status

Completed (5th Call for proposals)

Extending BioStyrene - ER189

Overall objective: further development of novel technologies which could be implemented by the SME-s for the production of novel and more sustaible bioderived polymeric materials.
Specific objectives:
1. to obtain data on environmental impact of materials developed within BioStyrene project.
2. to obtain data about the additional application areas (i.e., as filter materials) and polymers of improved properties and/or synthesis routes.