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Increasing awareness of environmental protection and efficient use of energy resources

Programme co-financing

445 896 EUR

Total budget

495 440 EUR


Pskov region
South Estonia

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GreenMind - ER101

Raising Environmental Awareness in Estonian-Russian Border Area

“GreenMind” project aims to develop and promote initiatives, methods and concept on environmental awareness of inhabitants living in Peipsi/Chudskoye Lake area to improve their eco-behaviour.

Specific objectives:

  • To improve quality of environmental education in Peipsi/Chudskoye region by increased capacity of educators, developed and put into practice regionally-oriented and effective teaching and learning technologies
  • To increase public awareness of negative human impact on common ecosystems of Peipsi/Chudskoye region, of environmentally-responsible and energy efficient production and consumption, therefore strengthened public readiness to adopt a more environmentally-friendly level of behavior.

Main activities:

  • Implementation of an analysis of various teaching and learning practices of environmental education in 3 key thematic areas: water pollution (mainly – eutrophication), waste management and energy efficiency;
  • Creating a set of regional-oriented educational materials for kindergartens, secondary schools and institutions of additional education for children (textbooks, games, methodological brochures, eco-sites);
  • Training of teachers of natural sciences in the use of new environmental education methodologies;
  • Training of schoolchildren through a summer environmental camp;
  • Conducting mass environmental awareness raising campaigns and actions to promote environmental values of the Peipsi-Chudskoye lake region, environmentally responsible behavior, careful attitude to energy consumption and other resources.


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Project Newsletter #1 in Estonian

Project Newsletter #1 in Russian

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Website about biodiversity of Peipsi/Chudskoye lake (in Russian)