Estonian EU external border programme



Associated partners

Finnish Environment Institute

Thematic objective

TO6 Environmental protection, climate change mitigation and adaption

Start date: 01.04.2019

End date: 31.08.2022

Duration: 41 months

Specific area

Increasing awareness of environmental protection and efficient use of energy resources

Programme co-financing

422 370,00 EUR

Total budget

469 300,00 EUR


North Estonia

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[email protected]

Project status

Completed (1)

HAZLESS (Completed on EST side) - ER90

Hazardous chemicals in the eastern Gulf of Finland –concentrations and impact assessment

Project will focus on adaptation and implementation of uniform biological indicators for assessment and control of environmental quality in the eastern Gulf of Finland

Specific objectives:

  • Development and harmonization of marine monitoring and environmental status assessment between countries sharing the same sub-regions
  • Exchange of information regarding the evaluation of pressures, joint attempts to fill in gaps regarding GES descriptors and boundaries, joint development of monitoring programs are needed.

Main activities:

  • Sampling and analysis in the project area
  • The compilation of the database of harmful substances and emerging chemicals for the Eastern Gulf of Finland
  • The compilation of distribution and impact maps
  • Laboratory experiments on biological effects on heart rhythm and metabolic activity
  • Selection and development of sensitive and cost-effective indicators for further application in target regions
  • The development of recommendations for standardized approach for transnational monitoring of impact of HS in the eastern Gulf of Finland.

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