Name of Lead Beneficiary

Rural Municipality of Põlva

Associated partners

Sport Union of Põlva County

Thematic objective

TO5 Support to local and regional good governance

Start date: 01.02.2021

End date: 31.01.2022

Duration: 12 months

Programme co-financing

99 990 EUR

Total budget

111 100 EUR


Pskov region
South Estonia

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Project status

Ongoing (3)

HealthyTomorrow - ER147

Development of municipalities by way of boosting the healthy lifestyle

Project will boost cooperation between municipalities of Põlva and Strugi-Krasnye and their sport schools. Also the new sport services will be developed and the awareness about healthy lifestyle among inhabitants of border regions will be increased.

Specific objectives:

  • Improving cooperation between local and regional authorities and their sub-units
  • Improving cooperation between local and regional communities

Main activities:

  • Activity coaches will be trained in Estonia to be able to instruct the people who will take part in group trainings for maintaining their health;
  • Sport club for healthy lifestyle admirers will be created on the basis of Strugo-Krasnensky sports school in Russia. Sport club is foreseen for both – youth and the “mature” category of the population;
  • Study-visits for civil servants and sport school trainers, joint training sessions with participation in international sports events for young people and non-professional adults will be organized;
  • Rural Municipality of Põlva will buy the timing system for sport competitions and everyday trainings; establish outdoor gym into lately renovated Põlva city stadium;
  • Administration of Strugo-Krasnensky District will buy 20 ski sets, 20 roller ski sets, timing tabloo and tractor for maintain ski tracks;

Project portfolio

Press-release in Põlva Teataja newspaper in Estonian

Roller Skates tutorial in Estonian

How to use outdoor gym in Estonian

Information about project in social media account VK