Estonian EU external border programme

Improving the quality of shared water assets in Est-Rus border area


Associated partners

Administration of Velikiye-Luki City; Committee for economic development and investment policy of the Pskov region; Alutaguse Administrative Ltd.

Thematic objective

TO6 Environmental protection, climate change mitigation and adaption

Start date: 01.03.2020

End date: 31.05.2022

Duration: 27 months

Specific area

Improving the quality of shared water assets by reducing their pollution load (including improving wastewater treatment facilities, improving solid (household and industrial) waste management and relevant facilities, and reducing pollution that is caused by the agricultural sector

Programme co-financing

483 790,15 EUR

Total budget

583 200 EUR


Central Estonia
Pskov region

Contact email

[email protected]

Project status

Completed (1st Call for proposals)

PureWater (completed on EST side) - ER54

Improving the quality of shared water assets in Est-Rus border area

Project “PureWater” aims to ensure a high quality of common water resources focusing on Lovat river and underground streams in Alutaguse area.

Specific objectives:

  • To determine the most suitable and efficient technological solutions for wastewater treatment in programme area
  • To increase the expertise level in management of wastewater treatment among professionals, municipality specialists and politicians
  • Improvement of wastewater treatment technology in Alutaguse and Velikyie-Luki

Main activities:

  • Improvement of wastewater treatment facilities in Velikiye Luki and Alutaguse.
    A sewage sludge dewatering equipment in sewage water treatment plant will be installed in Velikiye-Luki. Planned activity have significant importance for solving the problem of water quality in natural rivers, namely the Lazavica River, which is the tributary of the Lovat river, which in turn belongs to the Baltic water bassin.
    While on Estonian side a new modern wastewater treatment plant will be built in Kuremäe. With the new equipment it is possible to provide a sewage treatment service for all inhabitants of Kuremäe settlement and for a large number of tourists visiting Kuremäe monastery.
  • Study on improvement of water treatment technology in Velikiye Luki;
  • Elaboration of action plans for Alutaguse administration and “Vodokanal” in Velikie Luki for protection of water resources;
  • Developing a manual for water companies and municipalities on improvement of water treatment technologies and corresponding policies in both countries in order to diminish the risk of pollution of water assets, including an overview of environment regulations and normative;
  • Arrangement of workshops for specialists (municipalities, professionals of field, scientists) for spreading the knowledge and figuring out best practices available in the region including results from improvement of wastewater facilities in Velikiye-Luki and Alutaguse and studies carried out in the project.

Project Portfolio

Press-release about project launching in Russian

Manual for water supply companies and municipalities in Russian