Estonian EU external border programme

Local Fire


Associated partners

Non-Profit associations Iisaku Vabatahtlik Tuletõrje; Non-Profit associations Illuka Pritsimehed; Non-Profit associations Iisaku Priitahtlik Pääste; The City settlement "Gdov" ; The Rural settlement "Dobruchinskaya parish".

Thematic objective

TO6 Environmental protection, climate change mitigation and adaption

Start date: 01.09.2019

End date: 30.06.2022

Duration: 34 months

Specific area

Fostering shared actions in risk management and a readiness to cope with environmental disasters

Programme co-financing

376 079, 69 EUR

Total budget

453 597,83 EUR


Pskov region
Northeast Estonia

Contact email

[email protected]

Project status

Completed (2nd Call for proposals)

Local Fire (completed on EST side) - ER126

Joint actions for improving local rescue fire services to protect forests and settlements in EE-RU border area

“Local Fire” project aims to contribute to reduction of the number of uncontrolled forest fires, as well as minimization of the damage caused by fires to the population and nature in border areas. Measures for the prevention and localization of seasonal fires will be improved.    
Project provides a complex of the particular improvements of small municipal infrastructure for state rescue services and local volunteer rescue teams to prevent or localize the uncontrolled fires in the woods and land territories around the settlements and recreation areas.

Specific objectives:

  • Improvement of intermunicipal cooperation for prevention and localization of the large forest and land fires in border territories of Russia and Estonia
  • Decreasing the number of the uncontrolled huge forest and land fires in the border area and the damage to the inhabitants and nature.

Main activities:

  • Creation of public fire inspectors’ staff and the network of local voluntary firefighter teams for cooperation in Russia and Estonia;
  • Development of models for fire-fighting methods in different types or scenario; updating the local thematic municipal programmes regarding the voluntary fire teams, etc;
  • Realization of complex of public actions for prevention of the emergency situations and self-ignitions including organization of information work with the population;
  • To ensure fire safety in the territory of municipalities land works in the forests for reduction of number of forestry connecting roads with main routes in the woods, reconstruction of fire suppression ponds, reduction of exits to forests, purchase of uniforms and small fire-fighting equipment for volunteer fire brigades, installation of prohibiting signs are foreseen on Russian side;
  • Special equipment set to monitor the hard reached places, that will be purchased, access roads, dry hydrant  and slip for fire extinguishing from the water side that will be constructed in Kuningaküla in Estonia to provide operative reaction and localization of ignitions on the Narva river islands covered with woods and hard-to-reach remote territories and woods in Kirde-Eesti.

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