Estonian EU external border programme

Northern Camp


Name of Lead Beneficiary

Setomaa Municipality Government


Setomaa Museums
Setomaa Tourism

Thematic objective

TO1 Business and SME development

Start date: 01.07.2023

End date: 31.12.2023

Duration: 6 Months 0 Days

Specific area

Increasing SME competitiveness and entrepreneurship by fostering cooperation between public, private and R&D sectors

Programme co-financing

98 163,22 EUR

Total budget

109 070,25 EUR


South Estonia

Contact email

[email protected]

Project status

Ongoing (6)

Northern Camp - ER199

Overall objective:

To form Northern Camp and Southern Camp into a full cultural and military tourism complex that will offer  to visitors an exciting insight into the history, incl. the living conditions at that time, by using the repaired-renovated infrastructure and modern information technology solutions.

Specific objective:

To offer visitors the opportunity to get to know the sights and exhibitions of the site, go through a trail introducing the various objects (15) of the Northern Camp, where each object is equipped with an information stand and an audio guide and virtual interfaces integrated with it, visit individual specific objects without going through the trail.