Estonian EU external border programme

River Promenades III


Associated partners

Environmental Board of Estonia; Administration of municipal formation "Kingisepp municipal district"; Committee of Leningrad region for tourism

Thematic objective

TO1 Business and SME development

Start date: 01.07.2019

End date: 31.10.2023

Duration: 52 months

Specific area

Increasing SME development and entrepreneurship by fostering cross-border business contacts and the development of services and products

Programme co-financing

4 751 120,75 EUR

Total budget

5 290 443,31 EUR


Leningrad region
Northeast Estonia

Contact email

[email protected]

Project status

Ongoing (2)

River Promenades III - ER4

Development of historical riverside protection area in Narva/Estonia and Ivangorod/Russia III stage

Project focuses on  integrated construction and improvement of the historical promenade areas in Narva/Estonia and Ivangorod/Russia and conversion of the CBC area into attractive place for tourism and business development.

Specific objectives:

  • Integrated construction of Narva and Ivangorod historical promenades, the second stage of construction.
  • Promotion of tourist product “Historical cross-border promenades” and attraction of entrepreneurs for business development in Narva-Ivangorod riverside area
  • Strengthening of the capacity of CBC region and expanding cross-border cooperation

Main activities:

  • Reconstruction works of Narva historical promenade: public procurement procedures, construction works (Joaorg recreation area and “5 kroon” observation platform), technical supervision service
  • Reconstruction works of Ivangorod historical promenade: public procurement procedures, construction works, technical supervision service
  • Attraction of business to Narva-Ivangorod riverside area: procurement procedure, development of vision and action plans
  • Development and production of promotional materials for tourist product “Historical Promenades” for attraction of entrepreneurs and tourists
  • Wider public information about project’s activities

Project portfolio

Press Release Rus 11.07.2019 Russian

Press Release Est 11.07.2019 Estonian

Press Release 2 EST 1.08.2019 Estonia

Press Release 28.05.20 RUS

3rd ECO Marathon 29.08.2020

Pressiteate 28.05.20 EST

ER4 Round Table 23.04.2021 Report RUS

ER4 List Of Mass Media I Progress Report

ER4 List Of Massmedia II Progress Report

ER4 List Of Massmedia III Progress Report


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