Estonian EU external border programme

SME Access

Specific area

Increasing SME development and entrepreneurship by fostering cross-border business contacts and the development of services and products

Programme co-financing

4 754 559,21 EUR

Total budget

5 765 222 EUR


North Estonia
Pskov region
South Estonia

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Contact email

[email protected]

Project status

Completed (Large Infrastructure Project (LIP))

SME Access - ER1

Improvement of the Accessibility of the Remote Areas in South East Estonia and Pskov Region for Traditional Enterpreneurship and Sustainable Development

“SME Access” project supports small and medium enterprises’ development in Setomaa, Estonia, and Pechory district, Russia, by promoting traditional businesses and improvement of road and marketplaces infrastructure.

Specific objectives:

  • To improve quality of business environment of border areas through better road infrastructure and traffic possibilities in Setomaa and Pechory district
  • To increase SME development and entrepreneurship in Setomaa and Pechory district through traditional business promoting and cross-border business contacts

Main activities:

  • Establishement of cross-border cooperation network and improving skills and knowledges of SMEs’ acting in Setomaa and Pechory area in non-traditional farming and local food sector via a series of seminars, study tours, including joint workshop of entrepreneurs
  • Arrangement of fairs, study tours, seminars and workshops for SMEs’
  • Construction of market place in Pechory and equipping 2 market places in Pechory  and Värska
  • Reconstruction of the road Värska-Saatse-Ulitina, Estonian-Russian border (14,618 km) and Krupp-Kulje road (6,482 km)
  • Reconstruction of 3 foot/cycle ways and 3 parking areas in Värska area.

Project Portfolio

Photo gallery of opening Värska-Ulitina-Saatse road (Estonia) in September 2020.