Estonian EU external border programme



Associated partners

“Eugene I. Schwartz association of specialists in the fields of molecular medicine, medical and laboratory genetics"

Thematic objective

TO1 Business and SME development

Start date: 01.05.2019

End date: 31.10.2022

Duration: 42 months

Specific area

Increasing SME competitiveness and entrepreneurship by fostering cooperation between public, private and R&D sectors

Programme co-financing

379 376,75 EUR

Total budget

439 307,50 EUR


South Estonia
Pskov region

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yu[email protected], [email protected]

Project status

Completed (1)

T2Dprevention (Completed on EST side) - ER24

Development of measures for improving the quality of diagnosis and prevention of type 2 diabetes

Project aims to improve the quality of diagnosis and prevention of T2D by developing effective T2D prediction measures within the framework of partnership between Estonia and Russia.

Specific objectives:

  • To carry out research for identifying the genetic risk markers of T2D specific to the Russian population
  • To develop a polygenic risk score model of T2D and genetic testing panel of T2D specific to the Russian population
  • To raise awareness on involvement of genetic factors of T2D and the possibility of using this knowledge in clinical practice for diagnosis and prevention of T2D in Russia and Estonia

Main activities:

  • Selecting inclusion/exclusion clinical criteria for groups of patients and controls
  • Collecting of DNA samples of patients with T2D and controls with Russian ethnicity
  • Performing the analysis of genotyping data using bioinformatics methods
  • Elaborating of the genetic testing panel of T2D risk markers
  • Carrying out presentations in the trainings, seminars, lectures
  • Preparing of the methodological recommendations for endocrinologists
  • Preparing of the patient information brochures about genetic risk markers of T2D

Project portfolio

Article In IGMS 2020 Review

Article In World Journal Of Diabetes Page 1200 15.08.2021

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