Estonian EU external border programme


Estonia-Russia programme 2014-2020 is in the middle of its implementation period. It is a very busy time of the programme. The first call projects are in full speed. Large infrastructure projects are making all efforts to ensure timely and correct procurement process. Also the results of the 3rd call have brought 14 small-scale projects proposals that would give their input to increase of people-to-people cooperation and wider application of good governance principles in our border regions and in public policies. Current situation in the world leaves ineffaceable trace in our regional economies. Therefore, the work of the 3rd call projects is especially important in contribution to retaining working contacts, everyday communication and cooperation between Estonian and Russian authorities and organisations. I believe that vast digital solutions will keep the projects functioning and the close regional cooperation contacts will help to overcome difficulties that are faced currently by all countries.

The preparation of the new generation Interreg Next Programmes has started and with gratitude to all the participants I recall the first Joint Programming meeting of Estonia-Russia programme 2021-2027 that was held in March via video conference. We have a comprehensive plan, experienced and motivated team in order to build new cooperation programme on the basis of mutual understanding, joint interest and willingness to create better preconditions for regional development of our border regions.

Margarita Golovko,
Head of the European Territorial Cooperation Unit, Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Estonia, National Authority of Estonia-Russia CBC Programme 2014-2020

Estonia – Russia CBC Programme is now entering the next stage – the New Programme Period 2021-2027. First, I would like to say some words about the current period. More than a half of the Programme budget accounted for Large Infrastructure Projects, 27 grant contracts were signed. I can’t but mention a huge demand of the applicants in the Programme 2014-2020 and I strongly believe that the interest for Estonia-Russia cross-border cooperation will only grow. We are very pleased with the way the current Programme is being implemented.

As it was mentioned above the New Programme Period 2021-2027 is coming. In order to ensure the smooth entering into the New Programme Period we have already started the preparation work, thus the Joint Programming Committee was established and the first meeting was held on 11th of March 2020.
Thank you all for the interest for the Estonia – Russia CBC Programme activities.

Alla Agapova,
Counselor of Unit for Regional and Cross Border Cooperation Development, Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, National Authority of Estonia-Russia CBC Programme 2014-2020