Estonian EU external border programme


The Project coming under Thematic Objective (TO) 1 “Business and SME development” will focus on increasing rural SME’s development and entrepreneurship by fostering cross-border cooperation and product development in horticultural sector.  The objective will be achieved through organizing training and promotional activities, strengthening cross-border business contacts and creation of modern infrastructure for processing of horticultural products in South-East Estonia and Pskov region.

The awarded project ER94 “Improving competitiveness of rural SME’s by teaching innovative eco-technologies and farming practices, fostering cross-border contacts and creation of infrastructure adding value to the farm products” (“ACTIVE VILLAGE”) is now officially launched and will be implemented by two partners from Estonia: The Union of Setomaa, Räpina School of Horticulture and one partner from Russia (Pskov) NGO  “Centre for Efficient Farming and Gardening” (Pskov). Five more organizations are involved in project implementation as associated partners: the Estonian Chamber of Agriculture and Commerce, Estonian University of Life Sciences – Polli Horticultural Research Centre, the State Committee of the Pskov region for Agriculture and State Technical Supervision, ACGC EPILOBIUM (Pskov) and Fund for guarantees and SME support of the Pskov region.

The assortment and volume of farm products and processed local food products will be increased and the competitiveness of rural SMEs in project area will be improved. Rural SMEs and gardeners from horticultural sector will be provided with modern infrastructure and equipment for product development and processing of primary farming products (freezing, drying etc).

The project overall budget is EUR 426 645,00 which includes Programme co-financing in the amount of EUR 383 980,50.