Estonian EU external border programme


The awarded project “Restocking of European eel as a measure of recovery of endangered species and preservation of natural diversity” (Project) (ER-80) is now officially launched and will be implemented by two partners: Centre for Limnology of the Estonian University of Life Science and Federal State budget institution of sciences St. Petersburg Scientific Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Two more organization are involved in project implementation as associated partners: Developers’ Council of Lake Peipsi Fishing District and Fisheries district of Lake Võrtsjärv.

The Project coming under Thematic Objective (TO) 6 “Environmental protection, climate change mitigation and adaptation” will focus on stock assessment of European eel in the whole Narva RBD to provide a valuable contribution to the European-wide stock assessment of European eel. Project approaches these challenges by using novel ways to estimate the abundance of eel on the waterbodies on both sides of the border.

The knowledge obtained in the frame of the three year action will make possible a better cross-border management of the eel stock in future as well as more precise measurement of the restocking efficiency in Narva RBD.
This project would be the first time a joint assessment of eel stock between Estonian and Russian researchers.

The project overall budget is EUR 361 856,00 which includes Programme co-financing in the amount of EUR 325 670,40.