Estonian EU external border programme


This year, the European  Cooperation Day celebration activities we organized took us to the three regions of two countries within the Programme area. Undertaking attracted a large number of participants in different age groups, representatives of embassies, consulates and public institutions from Estonia and Russia.  

We are grateful to all the attendees and partners who have made all three events joyous and memorable!

Cooperation and Art Buffet in Alatskivi, Peipsiääre Municipality, Estonia on 15th  September

  • Shared spirit of EC Day and good wishes! Colouring postcards attracted many guests and day resulted with 335 colored cards which were sent to addressees chosen by visitors to 8 different countries: Estonia, Russia, Latvia, Norway, Belgium, Lithuania, France and Germany. Postcards were made based on drawings of students from Alatskivi Art School (Estonia) and MBI AE “Children’s art school of Pskov city (Russia) attracted guests;
  • Buffet, where the postcard was a valid “currency”, provided pleasant tasting experience and offered snacks made of local products;
  • Workshops in Alatskivi Nature Centre introduced biota of the biggest transboundary lake in Europe – Lake Peipus through game and provided new skills in art and crafting;
  • As a symbol of cooperation and Estonia 100th Anniversary we jointly planted the young oak tree in Kuke park with participation of the representatives of Embassy of the Russian Federation in Estonia, Programme authorities and Peipsiääre Municipality;
  • Estonian ensemble “Põldsepp ja pojad” provided pleasant musical atmosphere;
  • About 1000 guests were welcomed during the whole day.

The event was organized in close cooperation with NGO Sibulatee, Peipsiääre Municipality, Alatskivi Nature Centre and Alatskivi School of Arts.
Please visit the photo gallery of the event HERE.


Hanseatic Business breakfast in Pskov, Russia on 22nd  September

  • Benefits and challenges of doing business professionally in border regions were lively discussed by experts and students during Hanseatic business breakfast;
  • Ideas and wishes as results of fruitful dialogues were captured on balloons, which were jointly launched by all participants to make the wishes come true;
  • Tasty traditional soup “Selyanka” was done in common team of officials from Estonia, Latvia and Russia consisting of representatives of Estonian and Latvian consulates in Pskov, CBC Programmes` authorities, local companies and institutions symbolizing cooperation of three border countries;
  • Creative atmosphere attracted people while colouring spoons for soup;
  • All acquired new skills in making coins with Estonia-Russia Programme and EC Day logos;
  • Happy smiles photographed on the photo frame with Pskov historical heritage “Pokrovskaya Tower”.

The event was jointly held in cooperation with Latvia-Russia CBC Programme 2014-2020.
Please visit the photo gallery of the event HERE.


Festival “Cross-Border Cooperation – Meeting Point of Cultures” in Gatchina, Leningrad region, Russia on 30th  September

  • Over 120 children from Gatchina District and St. Petersburg were the focal point of the Festival;
  • Experience shared with children by representatives of CBC Programmes on how cross-border cooperation unites people on both sides of the border to overcome essential challenges and contribute to wellbeing of the regions;
  • The EC Day’s 2018 slogan “Painting Our Future Together”  was brought into life by youngsters and students of Gatchina Art Schools by visualizing common culture and history of the countries, friendship and good neighbourhood in a large collage of handcrafted items;
  • To highlight significance of environmental protection in CBC Programmes we hosted an action by NGO “Biologists for nature protection” and together with volunteers housed 8 man-made nests for the owls in the Gatchina Park;
  • The “guided” culinary journey to Russia, Estonia, Latvia and Finland with national cuisine testing has become a bright finale of the event;
  • Following the official part of event, representatives of different authorities from four countries, including Consuls General of the Republic of Latvia and Republic of Estonia in St Petersburg, held an informal dialogue on perspectives of the cross-border cooperation and the topical issues for the future programming period.

The event was jointly plotted and co-financed by Estonia-Russia, Latvia-Russia and South-East Finland – Russia CBC Programmes 2014-2020 supported by Committee for External Relations of Leningrad Region and Committee for External Relations of St. Petersburg.
Please visit the photo gallery of the event HERE.