Estonian EU external border programme


By funding projects Estonia-Russia CBC Programme aims to solve common challenges in various fields in border regions. Projects selected for awarding contribute to the development of businesses, education, culture, improve cooperation between organizations, prevent environmental disasters and decrease pollution of water bodies.  

Altogether 24 projects have been selected by the Joint Monitoring Committee for awarding within the 1st Call for Proposals. The first Grant Contract (GC) was signed on 20 February 2019. Currently Programme Managing Authority (MA) continues to grant projects and those are introduced on Programme website individually. By 31st May MA and Lead Beneficiaries have concluded 17 GCs and projects started to implement activities.

Large Infrastructure projects (LIP) are on the stage of preparing documents for GC signing. The first LIP “SME ACCESS” was officially launched on 28th March 2019. Project will support small and medium enterprises’ development in border regions of Setomaa and Pechory district. Market places for entrepreneurs will be created and equipped. Also roads, cycle and foot ways are planned for reconstruction within the project with the overall budget EUR 5 050 000.
Deadline for signing GCs with Lead Beneficiaries of other LIPs’ is 30 June 2019.

Another 3 projects have been approved at the 6th JMC meeting on 25 April 2019 for awarding within the restricted 2nd Call for Proposals with a focus on actions decreasing forest and land fires in border areas of Estonia and Russia. The partners are currently fulfilling the conditions set by JMC with the deadline of 1 July, after which the contracting starts.