Estonian EU external border programme


Autumn seminar “The European Union Study Week” was held on EU-Russia border, Vyborg, Russia, on November 8-11, 2018.

Since 1997, more than 60 EU Study Weeks have been organized all over Russia. More than 2000 students and post graduate students have taken part in the project. Some of the alumni went on to good professional careers and are now working for the Federal Government, regional administrations, regional media and academic institutions, some continued their education in European Universities, under the Erasmus Mundus programme.

The overall objectives of the project are to provide Russian students with first-hand information on the situation in the EU, share the EU experience in different areas and examine EU–Russia relationship from different angles and shed new light on this crucial relationship, as well as to encourage further debate and networking among the alumni community.
For EU Study Week in Vyborg 30 senior undergraduate and postgraduate students from North-West Russia were selected.

The main topics covered during the event:

  • Quo vadis Europe: future of European integration, migration crisis, elections in Europe etc.
  • Northern Dimension
  • Arctic: interests and strategies of the main actors
  • EU-Russia cross-border cooperation
  • EU scholarships

The topic EU-Russia cross-border cooperation in NW Russia was covered on the 10th November by Sergey Balanev – Information manager of the Joint Techinical Secretariat of the Estonia-Russia CBC Programme, Valentina Chaplinskaya – Project Expert of the South-East Finland – Russia CBC Programme and Elena Makarova – Information Manager of the Joint Techinical Secretariat of the Latvia-Russia CBC Programme.

Presentations were followed by lively and interesting Q & A session, giving answer on opportunities to participate in Programmes’ implementation. Attendees were advised to keep an eye on the information published on the websites about started CBC projects and offer them own volunteering.

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