Estonian EU external border programme


On 09 December 2020 took place kick-off meeting of the project ER13 “Application of eco-friendly solutions for solid waste management at municipal institutions” (Approach2Waste). Grant contract with the Lead beneficiary, Kohtla-Järve Town Government, Estonia, was signed on 27 November. Project’s partners: Pskov City Administration and Administration of Municipal Formation Slantsy Municipal District of Leningrad region from Russia.

Activities are implemented under Thematic Objective 6 “Environmental protection, climate change mitigation and adaptation” with a focus on the construction of waste collection points, education and popularization of the need for the separation of solid waste, creation of the conditions for cost-effective recycling of waste materials.

The expected change generated within two years of the project’s execution is to increase knowledge and capacities of project’s partners and stakeholders to develop and implement sustainable waste management policies and methodologies.

Small scale investments on Estonian and Russian sides will support construction of 25 waste collection points in Kohtla-Järve town (Estonia) and 10 waste collection points in Slantsy and Pskov regions (Russia).

Serious attention will be paid to the raising awareness of the stakeholders of partners’ municipalities on the issues of improving solid waste management systems. Local training will be also organized for municipal institutions’ employees at their working places.

The project overall budget is EUR 410 290,88 which includes Programme co-financing in the amount of EUR 369 261,79.