Estonian EU external border programme


Information for Applicants and partners preparing the Full Applications within the 1st Call for proposals!

With the decision of the Joint Monitoring Committee of the Estonia-Russia CBC Programme some amendments in the Guidelines for the 1st Call for proposals and its annexes have been approved on 16 November 2016.
The changes introduced are of a technical nature and do not affect the submission of project full application forms (FAF) in terms of content and are aimed to facilitate the preparation of project documentation.

Please find updated Guidelines (in English) for the 1st Call for proposals and its Annexes HERE.

Some insight of approved changes in the Guidelines for the 1st Call for proposals:
•     In the chapter 8.2.1. Application (page 21) – elaborated information on documents to be submitted with FAF.
•     In the chapter 8.2.2. Where and How to Submit the Application (page 22) – updated information on numbers of documents or annexes under chapter 10.2.1. Description of Budget Headings
-Heading 2 “Travel & Accommodation” taken out per diems (page 39)
-Heading 4 “Office & Administration” taken out the last sentence of the paragraph.
•    In the chapter 10.2.2 An Example of the Financial Management Model (page 42) – more precise information provided on the timeline of reporting.
•    In the chapter 10.2.6 Budget Reallocations, Changes in the project, Contract Amendments (pages 45, 46) the change of auditor is considered as minor change instead of major modification.
•    In the chapter The Rules of Nationality and Origin – chapter harmonized according  to the Financing Agreement (page 47)
•    In the chapter 10.6.1 Reporting Requirements and Deadlines (pages 54, 55) more precise information on timeline provided.
•    In the chapter 10.6.2. Audit and Financial Control the term “examination” replaced by the term “verification” (pages 55, 56 and 58).
Updates in annexes:
•    Annex 2 – Declaration by the applicant – added points on avoiding double financing and state aid.
•    Annex 6 – Declaration of Applying State Aid / de Minimis Aid  – updated references to the articles of regulation.
•    Annex 8 – Partner Statement – elaborated for FAF
•    Annex 11 – Financial plan – automatic formulas updated
•    Annex 15 – a template for evidence of ownership added.

If you have further questions or concerns, please contact the JTS.

Deadline for submission of Full Application Forms for pre-selected projects is 14 February 2018 at 17.00 (EST time).

To provide the assistance to the Applicants and partners of the 1st Call for proposals the JTS is organising information seminar in Pskov on 5 Dec and in St.Petersburg on 6 December, as well individual consultations.

Please be aware that Guidlines in Russian and Estonian languages are not fully correspond to final version of Guidelines (in English) and will be updated accordingly at very nearest future.