Estonian EU external border programme


Information for Applicants and partners of the Large Infrastructure Projects (LIPs)!

For preparation of Full Application Forms the Guidelines for Large Infrastructure Project Applicants of the Estonia-Russia CBC Programme 2014-2020 has been slightly updated and some technical amendments and Annexes approved by the Joint Monitoring Committee of the Programme.

Some of the most significant changes:

  • In the Guidelines for LIPs updated Chapter 6.4.3; Chapter 8.2.1 (Heading 4); Chapter (b) Rules of Origin);
  • Updated template of Logical Framework (Annex 9);
  • Approved Declaration by the Applicant (Annex 10);
  • Approved template of Legal Entity Sheet (Annex 11);
  • Approved Partnership Statement (Annex 12);
  • Approved template of Endorsement by the Associates (Annex 13);
  • Approved template of Information and Communication Plan (Annex 14).

Guidelines and documents are available on our website. Please find a moment to examine the updated information.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Joint Technical Secretariat.


In March 2017 the European Commission has approved five Project Summary Forms of Large Infrastructure Projects (LIPs) of the Estonia-Russia Programme.

Total indicative amount of Programme funds allocated to Large Infrastructure Projects is MEUR 20,47.