Estonian EU external border programme


Every year Estonia-Russia CBC Programme 2014-2020 celebrates European Cooperation Day (EC Day) and this time 30 years Anniversary of the Interreg Programme is in focus.

With this campaign we highlight the achievements of cross border cooperation and its benefits for inhabitants of bordering regions in Estonia and Russia. Partners from different countries along borders jointly develop and implement projects, which improve quality of life and contribute to the sustainable development of border areas.

This year EC Day in Estonia and Russia was going under slogan “Bridging waters” because of the joint transboundary Lake Peipsi along which Programme area extends and many projects are carried out. 

Two mirror events were held on 18 September in Räpina harbour, Estonia, and Pskov, Russia. 

In Räpina the event was hosted by Estonia-Russia Programme and Räpina municipality being a beneficiary of project  “Common Peipsi 2”,  focused on nature protection and entrepreneurship. Participants were introduced to the nice achievements of cross-border cooperation.

Interactive entertainment “Game of Estonia on the border of Europe” and boat trip made audience acquainted with the rich nature of Lake Peipsi, local orchestra and band had entertained audience during the day. Presentations by border guards gave input to the understanding of their profession, colouring of postcards and so sending the cooperation spirit to different addresses in Estonia and wider was a nice input for the promotion of programme. A symbolic ship installed and jointly opened will leave historical trace about the event, all together involving young generation in magic CBC world!

As border crossing opportunities are limited today, exchange of mutual greetings between celebrations’ points was organized via video bridge Räpina-Pskov.

Please visit the photo GALLERY of the event HERE and VIDEO REPORT HERE.

On the other end of the bridge over lake Peipsi celebration was going in the park on the shores of Mirozhka river, reconstructed within the project “Bio Aware”.

The audience enjoyed cooperation spirit, lots of joy, music. Participants got to know old Pskov recipe of fish soup with zander and tasted it, answered questions about Estonia and Russia, guessed quizzes on ecology and nature and greeted Estonian neighbours via video-bridge during the festivity. To remember this day an art-object symbolizing ecology was installed by Estonia-Russia CBC Programme on the island at Mirozhka river.

The event was held in cooperation with Pskov City Administration.

Please visit the photo GALLERY of the event HERE and VIDEO REPORT HERE.