Estonian EU external border programme


2nd Call for proposals for Programme specific area `Fostering shared actions in risk management and a readiness to cope with environmental disasters` contributing to the fulfilment of the Programme’s Result Indicator “A decrease of the overall number of land and forest fires per year” is shifting from Project Summary Forms (PSF) to Full Application Forms (FAF).

According to the results of quality assessment of submitted PSFs Selection Committee (SC) at the meeting in the mid of August had composed the shortlist containing 4 successful projects out of 7 submitted applications, which was approved by the Joint Monitoring Committee (JMC) on 15th September.

In the end of September Managing Authority had sent the decision letters to the projects recommended by the JMC to submit in eMS FAFs with the set deadline of 12th December 2018. JTS staff will provide support to the projects in their work on preparation of full applications at the individual consultations on set dates and on daily basis via e-mails, phone and Skype.

First consultation already took place in Tartu on 16 October 2018 and the following are set to take place in Russia in St.Petersburg on 12th November and in Pskov on 15th November.

The next milestones of the 2nd call:
– December 2018- January 2019 – Administrative Eligibility check of submitted FAFs with request for clarifications (if needed);
– February – end of April 2019 – Quality assessment of FAFs;
– end of April 2019 – Selection Committee meeting;
– end of May 2019 – JMC decision on selected  projects;
– June – start of the Grant contracts negotiations with projects.