Estonian EU external border programme



Associated partners

Mustvee Rural Municipality Government (Mustvee, Estonia), Municipal budgetary cultural institution "Gdov museum of the region history“ (Gdov, Russia).

Thematic objective

TO5 Support to local and regional good governance

Start date: 10.11.2021

End date: 09.11.2022

Duration: 12 months

Specific area

Improving cooperation between local and regional communities

Programme co-financing

94 052,47 EUR

Total budget

104 502,75 EUR


South Estonia
Pskov region

Contact email

[email protected]

Project status

Completed (4)

PeipsiRing (Completed on EST side) - ER164

The Project aims to ensure readiness of local organizations and communities of  the Estonian-Russian border municipalities to actively cooperate in the field of preservation and promotion of cultural and historical heritage of the region.

The Project takes the responsibility to build the capacity of the staff of local museums and heritage centers for the delivery of attractive and quality services for both domestic and cross-border visitors, and to develop Chudskoye/Peipsi museum rooms in Mustvee and Gdov as main regional hubs of tourist information about the lake.

Aside from such novel interventions as the capitalization of the lake resources and exhibits, and the development of new museum facilities, the partners will elaborate a new tourist route uniting around-the-lake destinations and heritage centers into a cooperative network, a Peipsi Ring.

The Project also anticipates a sound capacity building program to improve the service delivery, hence the market role of local (primarily – municipal, private, little-known, and newly-opened) community-based heritage centers. The Project will strengthen the positions and cooperative connections of at least 20 such institutions.

Finally, since the lake region is a home to four ethnicities (Russian, Estonian, Seto, and Vodja) and several socio-cultural groups (the lake’s islanders, Old Believers, etc.), the Project will have a special focus on the multicultural and linguistic diversity.

Project portfolio

The linguistic diversity of the Lake Peipsi land (video)

Peipsimaa and its culture (video)

Press release about the completion of the project in Nov 2022 in English, in Estonian 
Article on “Business Information Center of the Pskov Region“, in Russian on 23 November 2021.